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After installing the app, user can scroll between menus to browse the features and functions.

Home key is to go back to the main menu

Inquiry is to show summary of inquiries submitted through the app

For any required help , kindly contact our team at : neopal@neomedlb.com


– Open the product detail screen which you want to buy there is a button “Send Inquiry”. Click on it and fill the details and submit after which admin will contact you.

-First you need to be logged in to add a product.

-To add a product click on + icon on Buy & Sell screen

-Fill all the details of the product in the form and click submit.

-Your product is saved but will display in list after admin approval.

– Go to the Employment list screen and click on the + icon.

– Fill in all details and click on submit to save your details.

– Admin will check the details and after admin approval your details will be shown in the Employment list.